I practice heartfelt patient-centered care that is grounded in the lineage of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I specialize in bringing you back to center, whether you've been thrown out of balance due to life stress, chronic and/or acute emotional distress, or physical injury. Immediately post-graduation from my Master's in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, I mentored and practiced at one of Portland's top women's health clinics helping women on their journey from prenatal to postnatal. I then went on to steep myself in study the classical style of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture both which have their roots deeply embedded in the marriage of the psychospiritual, the emotional, and the somatic human experience. I continue to love working with all those assigned female at birth on their wellness journeys. My treatment plans are always tailored to what will realistically best fit into your current lifestyle. My goal is for you to feel heard and cared for with a sense of forwarding momentum throughout our time together. 


  •  Master's of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, OCOM

  • Sports Medicine Acupuncture foundational courses with Matt Callison 

  • Classical Chinese Medicine mentorship with the White Pine Institute 

  • Acutonics sound healing 

  • 200-hour yoga teacher training - Yandara Yoga Institute, Mexico

  • 200-hour yoga teacher training - Dharma Mittra, NYC

  • 500-hour yoga teacher training - Dharma Mittra, NYC

  • Yoga continuing education (200 hours+) - Laughing Lotus, NYC 


Pisces sun / Libra moon / Aquarius rising, INFP, Enneagram 2 (the Helper), DISC - Si (the Counselor)

Office location:

Prema Health

2305 SE 50th Avenue, Suite 200

Portland, Oregon