Kate attained her Master's of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, the top ranked acupuncture school in the country, where she spent time researching fMRIs in relationship to chronic pain and the positive neurological impact of acupuncture for pain conditions. Her post-graduate studies are in Sports Medicine Acupuncture within the most comprehensive orthopedic certification program available to acupuncturists.


A dancer turned avid runner, Kate found help for her various pain conditions through acupuncture and the practice of yoga. She became a well respected yoga + meditation teacher, until stepping away recently to focus solely on her acupuncture practice. She taught yoga in local studio classes as well as in yoga teacher trainings and has created meditation containers for multiple global corporations, teaching mindfulness and breath practices for work/life stress management. Her vast knowledge in mindfulness, orthopedics, and the nervous system informs her holistic approach to orthopedic treatments. Her treatment style combines muscle motor point stimulation, myofascial manipulation, and Classical Chinese medical theory.

When not practicing at the clinic, Kate is found trying to keep up with her adventurous husband on multiple athletic outdoor pursuits, enjoying time with their daughter and two pups, and has high aspirations of making it through the Thursday NYTimes crossword without using the internet for answers.