"Kate changed my world! She was my rock through pregnancy and postpartum. In all seriousness, she provided me with more guidance and emotional support than all of my midwives combined. She listened and heard me, she treated me - the whole person and not just the symptoms. Alongside traditional acupuncture treatments, she'd recommend books, resources and other wellness providers as things came up. (This woman has a network like no other!) She's also a yoga teacher and was able to provide me with guidance around how to stretch and exercise my very pregnant body.

Postpartum, Kate made herself available to me and helped me through some of the roughest days postpartum, spending extra time with me to listen, to direct me to other health professionals when things got dark to get additional support and also treated me to help with things like anxiety and wild hormones. Now, a year later, I still see Kate as often as I can."

"Kate is a thoughtful, attentive, and caring practitioner. The work she does is not just her job, it is her life. The best practitioners are the ones that are constantly learning and outside of the office, Kate is studying and practicing. You can feel it when you are in her presence that she lives this practice and that she wants to use the tools to help her clients live their most vibrant lives. I would recommend Kate to anyone who wants to feel deeply nourished, seen, and cared for; and who would like to heal whatever is holding them back from living their most healthy and functional life possible."

"I’ve been receiving treatments from Kate from the time she was an intern to seeing her thrive in the community at Prema. Her grace, understanding, and intuition have always brought me ease and comfort regarding our interactions and treatments. Her holistic approach to acupuncture in conjunction with Chinese herbs, yoga, and lifestyle referencing, feels grounding and practical. Her authenticity and understanding are demonstrable, and it resonates in her respect and empathy for her clients. Schedule that appointment now…"