Slow medicine is a radical step away from our culture of immediacy and distraction. There is no band aid or magic pill. Quick fixes rarely bring about long term resolutions. In an age of scrolling and multitasking, there is a lost appreciation for the importance of slowing down and being still. This is a reminder of the importance of down regulating your nervous system and becoming present and fully engaged with your wellness. This is a reminder that the more we are able to engage with our bodies in a present way, the greater the healing and appreciation for feeling well and pain free. Ignoring discomforts because there’s too much to do and too little time should not be an option. There is time to dial down the warp speed of society and take care of you. It’s about skillfully getting to the root of the issue with time and dedication for efficient excavation and long term healing. This is an invitation to slow down so you can get to know you and your body’s ailments and strengths more intimately; so you can heal in a more integrated way and bring longevity to your wellness.