In this seasonal program, which includes discourse on the 5 elements in relation to the current season, yoga, and lifestyle practices, you will:

  ATTUNE yourself to the universal energy that is around us and within you.

  ALIGN your movements and practices with the elemental energy of the season.  

  AWAKEN your intuition that knows and trusts in the natural unfolding of all things we can and can not control.

5 element theory is a part of acupuncture and Chinese medicine that

provides a lens into the universal movement inherent in any given situation.

It is a code that unravels the dynamic process of transformation and change in 

the universe, the seasons, our days, our lifespan, our thoughts + emotions.

 They, WE, are all connected.

We are permeable beings surrounded the very phenomena that lie within us.




What is included?

This is a seasonal program with 5 elemental courses in total.

The intent is to support you throughout the year as big energetic shifts take place.

There is no commitment to participate in all 5 elemental courses. 

Each season is packaged and purchased individually. 


Each course includes:

• One discourse with information on the energy of the season's element,

the correlated meridians, how to read when they are out of balance,

lifestyle practices to align with the current universal energy. 

• Two weekly yoga classes over the course of 12 weeks: 

one vinyasa style, one yin

both focus on the meridians and energy of the current season.

• Weekly meditation prompts

Next course available Fall 2020 and will include 12 weeks of material



2 payments of $130